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Friday, August 05, 2016

Effects of Mouth, Body and Vaginal Odour in Relationships

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There is no soft landing for this people. Mouth, body and vaginal odour will kill whatever sexual chemistry existing in a relationship.

This is not a male or female problem; this is a human problem so I won't point fingers to any gender. You can try to cover it up in defence, you can say the sweat will make things slide, it won't change the truth of it. Sweat, along with it, body odour, will disconnect the connection.

It is however, more important for a lady to be able to deal with this as most times, their body types mean more heat generated and trapped. As women are usually associated with all things good including hygiene and smell, it means the bar of expectation is usually set very high in this department so what you think is just a minor thing is flagging like you cannot imagine.

Ask most guys, body odour is one of the top reasons to leave a girl alone. If it crosses this bridge, it is one of the top reasons to hate intercourse with her. Luckily for men, ladies know this (and those who don't know eventually get told).

In the home, for different reasons at different periods (no pun intended), a woman can develop smells which previously were not there. This, the woman may not know but if as a man you do not mention it, how then will it be resolved? Another problem.

For ladies whose experience is with partners that have body odour, there are nice ways to go about it. You can take the action into the bathroom (at least there you must run water), you can role play (and make sure your role involves you spraying perfume "randomly"), you can start it with a dressed dinner where you suggest he takes a shower first, or you can just tell him. See? women have it easier.

Okay, back to the ladies and how to tell them. You can maybe open a page on it and decide to read it with her (gradually you can tell her), you can also try the role play where you are the one holding the perfume bottle but women are so sensitive, this can also be termed treason.

Eventually, we all need to go back to basics on this one, the ability of a couple to have important conversations such as this one without it getting blown up. Home remedies include apple cider vinegar, baking soda and yes yoghurt! but first, you need to speak with a health practitioner on this. I know it's embarrassing but sometimes, it is not enough to use google. Moreover, doctors know because they are trained humans who experience it too.

Ways of preventing/controlling Mouth odour
-  The following steps may help control Mouth odor:

1) Brushing your mouth/teeth twice a day, keeps the occurrence of odour away. (Morning and Night). Also do not over – brush to avoid developing Halitosis.

2) Avoid eating sugary foods all the time. It’s been reported that they contribute immensely to Tooth decay, which leads to mouth odour.

3)  Rinse your mouth totally with clean water after having a meal, and also remove any food particles that cling to the tooth. This helps reduce the microbial load of the mouth.

4) Avoid eating of strongly flavored foods such as Onions and Garlic indiscriminately, it can cause your breath to smell bad.

5) Avoid Smoking and drinking lots of Alcohol can contribute to Mouth odour.

6) Visit a Dentist occasionally, because mouth odour might also be as a result of having a gum disease.

Ways of preventing/controlling Body odour
-  The following steps may help control body odor:

1) Wash daily with warm water - have a shower or bath at least once a day. Remember that warm water helps kill off bacteria that are present on your skin. If the weather is exceptionally hot, consider bathing more often than once a day.

2) Clothing - natural fibers allow your skin to breathe, resulting in better evaporation of sweat. Natural-made fibers include wool, silk or cotton. Also not wearing of dirty cloths can help prevent body odor. Our cloths and underwear should be clean before we wear them.

3) Avoid spicy foods - curry, garlic and some other spicy (piquant) foods have the potential to make some people's sweat more pungent. Some experts believe a diet high in red meat may also raise the risk of developing more rapid body odor.

4) Aluminum chloride - this substance is usually the main active ingredient in antiperspirants. If your body does not respond to the home remedies mentioned above, talk to a pharmacist or your doctor about a suitable product containing aluminum chloride. Follow the instructions given to you carefully.

Ways of preventing/controlling Vaginal odour
-  The following steps may help control vaginal odor:

1) NO to - overly scented soaps or perfume in your Vagina.

2) NO to "DEEP WASHING," WASHING of the Vagina.


4) EXCEPT for recommended LUBES, capital NO to VASELINE and OINTMENTS as LUBRICANTS.

5) AVOID LINEN PANTIES most times, use BREATHABLE FABRICS, like SOFT COTTON 100% if possible.

6) YES TO Warm Water Wash, rinsing all SOAPS out.

7) YES TO Sleeping NAKED if you can.

8) YES TO FREE SKIRTS OR TROUSERS, It’s not about being decent or not now, it’s simply about helping your vagina say – Thank you!


And when u notice pains, burning and odour all together, its likely a common issue called YEAST infection. It happens to most women in some stage of their lives so don’t panic or wash it THOROUGHLY like you think, just treat yeast or consult your doctor.

Now back to those who talk about washing it "DEEP" except that is really where you dump your junk foods at home, then no, the "V" isn’t really a hole or pit like you think... it’s an organ with lots of tissues with their own cleaning agents.

As soon as you introduce unwanted chemicals or thorough washing (also called douching) it changes the PH level (google that too) and brings the smells later on. Before you object, it’s not how you think it is what it is.

Last note: pheromones and oxytocin are sometimes good. Means sometimes, that unique smell of you down there (not odour I mean) is good and romantically attractive to a Man...

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