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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Discover How Winners Think

Discover the 6 ways winners Think, 
and apply them in your thinking.

Who is a Winner? A winner is a person who has won or wins often. Which means to conquer, defeat, triumph or achieve victory in any endeavor they engage themselves in.

Do you want to succeed? Then think like a winner.

The question now is how do winners think? And below are 6 thinking ways that makes people winners and outstanding.

You are advised to read and meditate on this six points.

Cross check your life and detect the stumbling blocks on your road to victory.

And apply them in any facet of life you find yourself.

What do winners do?

1. Winners think more of what they want than what they fear.

2. Winners dwell on the reward of success and this motivates them, while losers dwell on the penalty of failures which paralyses or immobilizes them.

3. When winners encounter or visualize challenges they think, what could we gain from this experience, how can we make sure we don’t have this experience again, while losers keep thinking how unfortunate we are to be passing through this, they keep thinking why us.

4. Winners see problems as challenges that have come to make them better, while losers see challenges as a problems that have come to destroy them.

5. When winners see problems, they look for the possibilities of opportunities existing within the problems, while the small minds think only of the severity of the problems.

6. Winners always think it could be better, while losers always expect the worst. Failures approach the future with fear and sometimes trembling while winners look at the future with inspiration.

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