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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

5 Reasons Why You Need God in Your Life and In That Relationship

Written byMayowa Adeniyi                                                 |Edit Article

N.B: This write up may not interest you to read but it remains valid, factual and indispensable for anyone who wants to do God’s will.

The spiritual realm controls the physical and life is more than what your physical senses can comprehend. Why do people end up running mad without having any psychological issue? Why do people have repeated evil trend in their family that exerts itself upon every member? Why do some remain unmarried in their family when others are married with kids?

If you don’t believe it could have a spiritual root, then I leave you in your cloud of disbelief. But one thing remains true, though we walk in the flesh, we do not war against the flesh but against principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places.

The first relationship you need to have is to have an intimate relationship with God before you intimate yourself with anyone. Why? It is your relationship with God that helps you to have a meaningful relationship in life, with man and in the world to come.

How can you truly love him or her when you are God’s enemy?
Why is there a need for me to be spiritually sound? What does it do to me in my relationship?

1. It’ll help God to guide you
God speaks once but yea, twice man do not perceive it (Job 33:14). He does that through dreams, vision or a still small voice but when you’re carnally minded and spiritually dead, you’ll make spiritual decision based on your physical judgment.
He wants to keep your life from perishing, to show you friends to move with or run away from, to reveal the plans of the enemy to you and to prevent you from destroying your soul. But when you’re carnally minded, there’s no how you can know all these.

2. It’ll prevent you from marrying the wrong person
That someone you know had a ‘good’ marriage doesn’t mean they marry the right partner. There are many decisions you can’t make in life because you’re educated, experience or exposed; most major decisions require a touch of spiritual direction.

You can’t know the right person through your physical senses, you need His guidance. Many people are deceptive and you might not be suspicious unless you pray for God to reveal the true intent of their heart.

A person is not wrong because of how they appear to you but because of their unsuitableness to your life and destiny which you can’t decipher superficially.

3. It’ll help you fight unseen battles that could affect your life and destiny
It’s a great tragedy in life to be ignorant of the spiritual battles that destroys the life of people while you think everything about life you see is only physical.
Whether you believe it or not, there are principalities and powers that wage war against individuals, families and nations. What do they do?

They destroy lives and destinies through: evil dreams, bad association (Samson and Delilah), manipulation, incurable sickness, satanic exchange and so on. But when you’re spiritually sound, you’ll be able to know if they exist in your family and wrestle against them violently.

Many people are ignorant of their battles in life, yet they’re living a frivolous life. Its better you fight your battles now than to postpone it to the latter years of your life after they’d have ruin lot.

4. It’ll enable you to live a holy life
Living a life of abstinence, sexual purity in the body, soul and spirit is never possible if you’re carnally minded.

You need the grace of God to achieve it. But how can you receive the grace of God when you’re carnally minded? Many people are crying that, ‘God will help me’ when they’re living as God’s enemy. Can you continue in sin that His grace may abound? God forbids!

A carnally minded man or woman can’t please God, never, they won’t be able to receive it. But when you’re spiritually sound, you’ll be able to live a holy life. This is not the one you fake by acting out holiness, but the one you’re able to live as a result of being born anew and through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in you.

5. It’ll help you walk in the spirit
Walk in the spirit and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. The major reason why many usually become victims of abortion, premarital sex, unwanted pregnancy, masturbation, pornography, sexual immoralities and other sexual perverted habit is as a result of their walk in the flesh.
But when you’re spiritually sound, it’ll be easy for you to do the will of God and live accordingly to His will.

The end point of walking in the flesh leads to death. You can’t walk in the flesh and experience life. You’re not ‘enjoying life‘ or ‘living the life‘ when you’re faced with the consequence of relationship issues.

Real enjoyment in life comes when you’re free from everything that destroys people in life and relationship. And this comes true and happens when you walk in the Spirit with God.

Having being enlightened, would you still rather remain carnal and be destroyed in life? Seek to be spiritually sound and you’ll live a victorious life even in that relationship.

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