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Wednesday, July 27, 2016



Rex Chimex Blog accept articles from any sphere of life

  • We publish all articles for free.
  • With all credits attributed to the writer.
  • We abhor Plagiarism.
  • You can include sources you consulted in writing your article to make it more credible.
  • Your article can be based on any topic you did wish to have us publish for you.

Steps involved in writing your Article.

    1.    Write your article in any area of interest on a notebook or on sheets of           papers.
    2.    Ensure to proof read it to eradicate any form of mistakes
    3.    Ensure to include the sources you consulted while writing the article.
        If you consulted none, then no need to bother about that.
    4.    Type them using you laptop or smartphones

How to get you article published
You can send your article to us through so many means.

    1.    Via our Email:

    2.    Via our Facebook page: send your article as a message, via the message button.

   3.    Via our Twitter account: send your article as a message via the message button.

  4.    Directly on our Blog. Fill the “Submit an Article you want us to publish for you Form” send your article as a message.

How to know that your article has been published.

After your article has been viewed, you would be contacted via the avenue through which you sent the article. 
Be it via Email, Facebook Page and Twitter account or through the Page Article Submit Form.

Happy Article Writing!

Wish you Godspeed. – RCB Editorial Team.
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