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Friday, July 29, 2016

Predestined Marriage does it Exist?

Does every MAN and WOMAN have a predestined Spouse?

Firstly, for clarity sake it should be re-emphasized that a SPOUSE is a person’s husband or wife. And the word PREDESTINED, literary means that something has been foreordained or determined beforehand, established and cannot be altered, stated to (must) happen in the future and such events are usually of divine will.

(Of God) destine (someone) for a particular fate or purpose."Some people believed that every individual has a spouse already predestined by God for them" 
Determine (an outcome or course of events) in advance by divine will or fate.

Now the staring question “Does every MAN and WOMAN have a predestined Spouse?” literary means whether every Man and Woman have a predestined special person created standby for them. Solely for the purpose of Marital Union on earth. And assuming they deviate from not marrying the predestined spouse, then they end up usually in marital regrets. 

This is based on what God wants for us in Marriage, which is one Man, one Woman. He demonstrated that when he Created Adam and Eve only.
Various schools of thought have really questioned the possibility and impossibility of a predestined standby spouse for every Man and Woman living on earth.

How true is it that everyone on earth has a particular person, meant for him or her?

What about people who married more than one Woman (polygamy) or Man (polyandry), does it mean that people who engage in such marital life, have deprived their predestined spouse the honor of having them in their lives?

Must the Man keep searching for the predestined Woman and the Woman keep searching for the predestined Man? So that they live happily and avoid divorce.

All these questions have kept curious minds in turmoil, and this lead to a research which gave birth to this article.

Below are the views of concerned Individuals. This was gotten when the Rex Chimex Blog (RCB) Editorial team asked them several questions.


RCB question: Does every MAN and WOMAN have a predestined Spouse?

Elizabeth: I think every Man is meant for a particular lady, because some people end up not marrying the wife or husband which was actually meant for them and finally, the marriage will not work out.

RCB question: So you are saying that it’s already written …. Something like destiny (Predestined) that for example, Obi must marry Ada or Cynthia must marry Daniel for them to be happy in life?

Elizabeth: No I don’t mean like that, it must not be that obi must marry Ada, only Ada alone…No!

RCB question: But how… Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: The only reasonable action is for Obi to find his kind of girl, that shares the same views with him, then he’s good to go. People always say, “When choosing a wife, God must show you first”. What God is expecting you to do is to find a reasonable lady {they can be more than one} and then you put them in prayers, seeking Gods direction in choosing the right one for you.

RCB question: Do you support Polygamy or Polyandry?

Elizabeth: I don’t, it’s not good.

RCB question: Do you think those people who involved in Polygamy or Polyandry…. Missed their way… as in, left their potential soul mates?

Elizabeth: Yes of Course!

RCB question: Thank you Elizabeth.

GIFT MERIT (F) age 25
RCB question: Does every MAN and WOMAN have a predestined Spouse?

Gift: Things doesn’t work that way. Even if you end up with the wrong woman, you can change her into what you want. You can never find an already redefined gold under the soil. You pick the dirt and change it into that sparkling jewel.

RCB question: So what about people who marry more than one man or woman, does it mean that the people they married are predestined for them?

Gift: That’s why I said there is nothing like predestined marriages. Even God said one Man one Wife and he was not specific to whom you must marry nor did he mention names. I will say it’s one of our rights as human…. Freedom of marriage

RCB question: Thank you Gift.
CYNTHIA (F) age 30
RCB question: Does every MAN and WOMAN have a predestined Spouse?

Cynthia: Actually, it’s a mystery. But I believe that before we were formed in the womb God is already aware of what will become of us.

RCB question: Are you saying, God is aware of our strength and weaknesses before we were born?

Cynthia: Yes! He wants us to anchor on him for when we cut off from him we can do nothing. God is like a lion in a cage! It’s up to us to release him and let him fight for us. Many of us make wrong choices in life simply because of devils mirror i.e. deceptive appearances.

RCB question: But you concluded that predestined marriages is a mystery? Right

Cynthia: Yes!

RCB question: So you are saying that the concept or ideology of a predestined marriage is a Mystery, can you shade more lights on why it’s a mystery?

Cynthia: A mystery is something beyond human understanding. Before you go into the agreement of marriage, you should always pray for Gods will, because his thoughts for us are of good and not evil. We are indirectly asking him for our own life partner.

It’s a mystery because you don’t know the person you are destined to live with. If we knew the predestined spouse, there will be less or no divorce, heartbreaks and less or no sleeping around.

Adam blamed God for giving him Eve, when he ought to apologize for the mistake made. So I think it’s the reason God left us to make our choices, but those who acknowledge him in theirs always make the right choice.

RCB question: Do you think those people who involved in Polygamy or Polyandry…. Missed their way… as in, left their potential soul mates?

Cynthia: As a Christian, the bible made it clear - one Man one Wife. For this man will leave his family and cleave to his wife not Wives.

RCB question: Thank you Cynthia


He who finds a good wife finds a good thing and She who finds a good Man, finds a good thing too. Marriage is a beautiful Union but it can’t be foreseen or forecasted or even predestined. It’s left for the Man to find that lady that tickles his fancy and bears characters that he admonishes. It’s left for the Woman to accept the marriage proposal of that man she has examined and found worthy of her devotion all the days of her life.

Life in which Marriage is embedded is full of choices and that’s the reality.

Choose your spouse wisely….. Godspeed!

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