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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Other Bloggers Can Make It Too

Written By: Angel Eze

Hello! This is your girl *Angel Eze* Lifestyle & Entertainment Blogger on Itsblogvine, And Angelezeblog

So many bloggers are diving into entertainment blogging and gossip blogs. A lot of other blogs are despised and neglected.

No one want to try out lifestyle blogs or other blogs because everyone wants quick success or want to imitate the popular entertainment and gossip bloggers who made it in blogging e.g Nigerian bloggers: Bella, Linda, Stella, Kemi, Ladun, Laila, Etc. 

Have you sat down to think that maybe they made it because that's their line of business and what God destined and predestined for them? 
Have you sat down to think about what your own line is? 
Have you sat down to think of which line you can make a difference, Which line you can impact, Which line you really have passion for, And which line your talent & gift is needed. 

Don't spend donkey years trying to excel in someone's field when you can spend just a short time to excel in yours. There are various types of blogs to explore and excel apart from entertainment, E.g: Lifestyle Blog, Fashion Blog, Food Blog, Health Blog, Beauty Blog, E.t.c. Fashion Blogs like that of Laura Ikeji the fashion explorer and fashion exhibitor, Noble Igwe the igwe of fashion and the celebrity fashion master! 

Lifestyle Blogs like that of Stephanie Okereke Linus; Her lifestyle blog is called Stephanie Daily. I am excelling and successful but I prefer not to talk of me to be modestly humble *Winks!*. Anyway, I prefer to talk in favour of my co-bloggers in all fields. Let's be our neighbors keeper and well-wisher. I don't know if the above mentioned bloggers will ever do the same to upgrade me but I do it beacuse of my faith in God which makes me distinct and selfless!!! #GodPays. 

(Culled from itsblogvine. )

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