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Friday, July 01, 2016

Ideal Civil Society and Features

An ideal society could be likening to a society where Value is highly recognized by everyone. Value in this context simply means values in their positive aspect which refers, to beliefs about what is good and desirable and therefore ought to be - for instance, honest dealings with our fellows.

An ideal society could be seen as a society where peace reign supreme and where one feels more honest, that is, where people especially inhabitants in that society enjoy freedom of choice to go about their legitimate lawful businesses as well as pursue their life ambitions without undue interference by either the government of the day or fellow individuals

Features of an Ideal Civil Society

1. No Ethnicity

2. Religious Tolerance

3. Equal Socio - Political Rights

4. Drug Free Society

5. Obedience to Constituted Authority

6. Provision of Welfare Service

7. Free and Fair Election

8. Provision of Basic Affordable Education

9. Provision of Security of Lives and property of the people

10. Provision of Job Opportunities

11. Gender Equality

12. Existence of Democratic System of Government

13. Popular Sovereignty

14. An Established Fundamental Human Rights and Basic Freedom

Others includes - Free press, Smooth Succession and Devolution of Powers, Competition, Popular Constitution, Competitive Party System, Periodic and Violent - Free Elections, etc.

An Ideal Civic Society does not exist. Any Society can have some features of an Ideal Civic Society but not all the Features.
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