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Wednesday, June 08, 2016


To be successful is not really being financially rich and famous. We have read the lives of many famous people whom we had placed as successful people but in real sense of being successful, nobody will want to exchange their lives to theirs.

Many of such people are involved in messy divorce while others sometimes get themselves committed to a psychiatric or rehabilitation facility. That does not sound like success to me.
Success is when you make life have a meaning.

These are some of the many things enormously successful people refuses to do to remain in their success.
They refuse to let unsupportive people drag them down no matter how much they try. When you are doing something different from your friends, and family, they will drag you down. We tend to advice you most of the time, they may think they are trying to innocently helping you with good intentions but the reverse is always the case.

Successful people do not allow anybody into their life and cause them to lose focus of their dream and goals.
These people refuse to let others determine their path. You cannot allow other people to make all your decisions for you and expect to be focused to your goal setting instead they learn from past failure.

For you to be focused and successful, you must try to be sure that every goal you create needs to be a SMART goal.

  • S stands for SPECIFIC
Smart goals are specific in nature, their is no room for doubts and unnecessary change of mind at the slightest hitch. Specific is the What, Why and How of the goal.
  • M stands for MEASURABLE
Smart goals are measurable meaning that one can be able to say what the  inputs and outputs are. Goals should be measurable so that you have tangible evidence that you have accomplished the goal.
  • A stands for ATTAINABLE
Goals should be attainable, they should stretch you slightly so you feel challenged, but defined well enough so that you can achieve your goal. You must possess the appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities needed to achieve the goal.
  • R stands for RESULT-FOCUSED
Goals should should be geared towards achieving a result. Goals should measure outcomes and not activities. And they should be Relevant and Realistic.
  • T stands for TIME-BOUND
Goals should be linked to a time-frame that creates a practical sense of urgency or results in tension between the current reality and vision of the goal. Without such tension, the goal is unlikely to produce a relevant outcome.

To be sure that you will achieve your goal, ask yourself, 
“does my goal fit the SMART formula?”

Successful people refuse to turn their past troubles into present excuses. If any part of your past has created limiting beliefs in your mind, you can never be successful.
They also refuse to stop at dreaming and achieving, even in the face of failure. Letting failures and setbacks distracts you from staying on course toward the goals instead of learning from it is the worst.

Successful people refuse to let scarcity driven fears hold them back. Always know that scarcity driven fears will hold you back from being successful.
So are you determined to be successful, then you should remember the SMART formula.

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