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Friday, June 10, 2016


Deception is to think that a man who loves you won't want to touch you. You hear Christian ladies say "if he loves you, he won't even think of having sex with you as a Christian." 

The truth is, irrespective of a man's status or religious inclinations, once he develops interest in you, the subject of wanting you is already in the wings, even though it may lie dormant."

A man who loves you will definitely want to have sex with you! In fact, the deeper and more intense the love is, the more he wants to consummate his love for you quickly. It is both a natural and a supernatural order, once the mind is there, the body naturally follows.

The difference however between the carnal and spiritual man is that, while they both feel and want the same thing, the spiritual man has control over his mind and body and as such won't want to defy or defile you.
The natural man has no such control measures and is liable to follow the direction of his erection. 

So if you have been in that relationship for a while and you are both keeping yourselves, don't assume that he is so spiritual that he can't touch you and won't touch you.

The bottom line is this: 
Don't be gullible to the extent that you believe nothing would happen, even if he can speak in tongues from here to the pacific. And watch out for signs- of absolute self-control and respect for you in the area of sex.

I am not talking about you affirming this by saying he has never had an erection near you, in this case you even have to be sure he is not suffering from erectile dysfunction. In fact, ask him to go and do a test if your church doesn't normally request for it.

Is it as serious as that? Yeah, it is very serious.

Don't base your findings on the absence of erection, let it be firmly assured by the conditioning of his heart.

Is he a Christian brother? Watch out for the fear of God in his life, that's what will keep and save you both. 
Look out for the moment he withdraws his hands and keeps them in his pockets, look out for the periods his breathing becomes heavy and he turns away momentarily from you, look out for the times you are supposed to meet and he cancels your meeting, look out for the fear of God and the restraining ability of the Holy Spirit.

In those moments, help him as you can- in demeanor and comportment, dressing and carriage, words and conversations. But most importantly, help him on your knees.

Help him approach heaven from your own end.
Are you thinking that is much work? Actually, the
Benefit is more of yours than his.

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