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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Evil Plots

Evil plots:
The evil that men do, lives with them and even after them. When you try to destroy another who has done nothing to you, you are creating enemies that will pull you down as you climb to the top. That’s the way life has ordained it. You must reap what you sow.
Sow Good – reap success and prosperity
Sow Evil – reap shame and failure

The good legacy we do keep for our children speaks well behind us. Even when we are far beyond.  The help you rendered today, might be the source of survival for your generation. What a success achieved!
We should avoid evil plots, evil begets evil and it’s not fit for a person who aims to be truly successful in life. Evil plots are bound to boomerang and obstruct the progress of an individual who indulges in it. Making him/her a Failure with Shame attached.

Avoid plotting Evil.
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