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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Biography of Dr. Goodluck Azikwe Ebele Jonathan

Born on 20th, November 1957.

Dr. Goodluck Azikwe Ebele Jonathan was born in otueke in Ogbia L.G.A. of the Eastern Region, later Rivers, now Bayelsa state to a canoe maker. He was so poor that he did not have shoes to go to school. Yet favoured by providence to the realm of high places.

Positions held
  • 4th Executive President of Nigeria (May 29th, 2011 – May 28th, 2015)
  • Acting President (February 9th, 2010 – May 6th, 2010) acted when his boss was seriously sick.
  • Vice president, Federal Republic of Nigeria (May 29th, 2007 – May 6th, 2010)
  • Bayelsa State Governor (December 9th, 2005 – May 28th, 2007)

Dr. Jonathan came in with the Transformation Agenda with vital sectors like Power electricity, Security, Agriculture and Education given attention as much as possible.
In 2015, he lost the presidential election to Major Gen. Buhari.

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