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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

To marry or not?

Once again as before, I have come to rouse your consciousness to a very important aspect of man’s existentiality that has over the years been made mess of over and over again. It is the institution of marriage (Holy Matrimony or not).

The level of broken homes today has eventually left some of us who are single and seriously not searching making decisions to remain like this.
It is totally incorrect for a man and woman to get married when within themselves, they know that their relationship is full of friction, misunderstanding and completely differing interests.
A Broken Home
It is an act of irresponsibility for a woman to assume that a man who doesn’t treat her right before marriage will change when he now “have a family”.
It is madness to believe that a man or a woman who sleeps around will stop when they are now married.
It is foolishness of the highest order to get married because you are planning on leveraging on the financial status of your partner to get out of your financial difficulties- you will get disappointed and frustrated if they are not forthcoming.

Again, it is an irrefutable act of foolishness for a woman to nag on her husband; this is so because a home should be “peace” and a deviation from the chaos and hustles of the day’s activities, therefore a man needs to peacefully retire daily in his home.
It is inexcusably foolish again to think that all a man wants from you is sex, food and babies because he can get sex from any loose woman, full time prostitutes and part time prostitutes alike, he can get food from any restaurant, fast and slow food outlets, mama put, booker and etc and can even eat from his friends and neighbors and lest you forget, there are plenty baby mamas this days, definitely larger in number than good wives.

A man needs support, prayers, encouragement, love, care and a listening ear.
A woman that calls her husband demeaning names is sure asking her husband to go find a woman who will appreciate his strength and support his weakness.
Yes, the guys must be agreeable all the while, now I have come to your shop.
First of all, it is not an obligation to marry, far from it. Don’t marry because your friends are all married and it will seem as if you are irresponsible if you refuse to marry and don’t marry because you want to become a man.

This is why I tell people that use the phrase “Now you have become a man” when guys marry that they are saying the wrong thing. The right thing should be “Now you’ve got chance to show the man you are”.
A guy becomes a man the day he establishes control over his weaknesses and understand that he is responsible to himself.
Having said that, you will therefore believe with me that any man that treats his wife in a demeaning way should look at himself and call himself a fool.
Your wife is not your punch bag (You can get yours from the fitness store if you want to punch) and in no sense whatsoever should you ever raise your hand against her.

When you get married to your wife, try as much as possible to keep her weaknesses to yourself and not share them with your extended family because she is called Mrs. (Your name) and not Mrs. (your family members).
The beauty of your wife is more important when she is married to you and therefore must be maintained. If you start looking elsewhere because you think that she is no longer attractive, and even go ahead to give money to mistresses to look beautiful, pray that I don’t catch you.
And to the women, don’t stop looking attractive the day you marry, make sure that you don’t start smelling like the village shrine because I will not even beg on your behalf.

Sir, your wife is not your housemaid o, yes you heard me. She does all the chores while you sit in the parlor with a bottle of beer in your hand watching Arsenal lose to Barcelona. If you want a house girl, go to the village and get them.

Bottom line:-
Help her as much as you can.
Aunty/Uncle, once you are married, stop playing with fire. 
Stop those chats with people who it is obvious have ulterior motives. 
You want to play a game? Join the Game of Thrones cast and not play the game that will ruin your family. 

Some exes will never give up, some guys will always want to partake in the Holy Communion, and some sisters who always wanted you for themselves will always want to be there till they have enough room to create havoc. 

Once married, jettison every other unholy communication. Shikina?
Oga, you get so comfortable giving other people money than spending it on your family baa? And you don’t want her to complain, let me catch you, onye iberibe.

You spend the money for food on Merrybet, Naijapredict, Naijabet, Nairabet, Coupon, Lotto, and every other form of gambling and expect her to conjure food for you, I am coming for you sir.

You want to starve (deny) your spouse of sex as a punishment and complain when they get it elsewhere? 
You think that you are not guilty of the same sin?
I am tired of preaching to you all; don’t get married if you don’t have the balls to make it work, stop breaking your homes up and down and exposing innocent kids to broken homes.

Note:- The man creates the home and the woman builds it. Oga and madam, learn to forgive each other immediately, learn to say sorry immediately and learn to accept the apologies, love each other unconditionally, pray and care for each other.
I wish you marital bliss.

WRITTEN BY: Emelogu Godswill Chimaihe

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