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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Motion moved in British Government for Biafra Referendum


The ingenuity and tactics of the indigenous people of Biafra is second to none as it has started paying off. The calls and protests by the Indigenous People of Biafra received some attention in the British House of Commons in their recent sitting.

In a motion called Early Day Motion 808 and titled Biafra Independence, Elliott, Tom moved a motion that urged the British government to support the bid for the creation of a Biafra Republic by urging the Nigerian government to conduct a referendum.

The motion which was supported by Kinahan, Danny read

“That this House recognizes the calls for the independence of territories that constituted the Biafra Republic; acknowledges the Biafran issue could be improved with the cooperation of the Nigerian government by offering a referendum, and urges the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to use its diplomatic strength to assist in the resolution of this matter.”

There is, therefore, no doubt that with over 90 countries of the world backing Biafra independence, leaving Britain with no option but to move a motion for Biafra referendum, our labors for freedom is about to yield its desired result.

Written by Ken Pat
For IPOB Writers

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