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Monday, May 30, 2016

Biafrans Must Remember their Fallen Heroes - Every Country does

The vultures even as they gather must scatter

In this page we are going to update all about todays outcome
The Nigerian Army

The Nigerian security agents (police, army) have totally taken over Anambra state when they heard that Nkpor close to Onitsha-Anambra state would be hosting the 50th Commemorate anniversary of our biafran fallen heroes.

They rushed into Anambra state since Friday (27th, May), hovering around with their Hilux vehicle and disturbing everyone with their toy radio that makes Loud Siren sounds. They moved around every major street in Nkpor, showing everyone that they were heavily armed. Their main aim was to install fear into the lives of the people of Nkpor.

Some of the security agents wore uniforms that did not bear names nor numbers that could be used to identify them. They stopped to harass people why suspecting them to be Biafrans. But they forgot that everyone they were looking at is a Biafran, an ardent Radio Biafra listener and also an IPOB member or supporter.

It has been discovered that, some miscreants among the Biafrans disclosed to the security agents that NKPOR MOTOR PARK will be the place were the Biafrans will gather. And currently they have taken over the Nkpor motor park and filled it with their vehicles.

Its very pathetic that they try to deny us all our rights and freedom. Every country remembers their fallen heroes, even Nigeria remembers theirs as the “Armed Forces Remembrance Day” but when it comes to that of the biafrans, remembering their heroes, they brand them terrorists.

Biafrans should go ahead to remember their heroes… for because their gatherings is not supported by Chukwuokikeabiama they must shall scatter and be victims of their plots.

Ensure to wear your White T shirt as you come out
Recent Update:
The Nigerian army went into a Church in Onitsha, were the Biafran people who came from other states for the remembrance day were resting. They broke the key, and went into the church, shot at them and tear gased them.

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