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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


“There may be times we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must NEVER be a time when we fail to protest’’....Elie Wiesel

I know that I can’t stop or prevent the injustices meted out against you Biafrans by the government that I serve but just like Elie Wiesel said that we must never fail to protest such injustices, however, I know that I can’t even publicly protest such injustices.
I can only protest it by unconventional means thus why I have opted to this unconventional channel to reach out to you Biafrans.

The truth is that it is only Biafrans that can stop the Biafra restoration. Not President Muhammadu Buhari, not Gowon, Obasanjo or any other person.
They have attempted and have all failed woefully thus prompting some of them issuing threats and boastful statements.
Even the statement recently credited to President Muhammadu Buhari that 
Buhari the dictator

‘’It would be better for all Nigerians to be drowned in the sea than to allow Biafrans to go’’ ... Buhari

is actually the statement of a frustrated man who has seen his initial promise and vow to finish off the struggle within his first 6 months in power evaporate into thin air.
You Biafrans have made the once highly feared and assumed no nonsense Buhari seem ordinary. Severally he has vowed to crush your agitation severally he has failed to neither work nor walk his talks. 

Severally he has pledged that Biafra will not be tolerated under his reign and severally you Biafrans have told him that you will not tolerate his reign either until he does the right thing.
I believe that the only reason that Biafra has not come yet is because Biafrans are not even united. So many groups fighting for the same goal without any coordination is an invitation to disaster.

Although am not a Biafran and yes! I support unity amongst all the groups fighting for the restoration of your country but I must warn you against making peace with every group or everybody.
The best approach that I will advise you Biafrans to adopt at this critical times is ‘’to believe everybody but trust nobody’’ 
Yes! Believe that all the other groups are truly fighting for Biafra restoration but trust none or better still adopt your war time Hero, Chukwuemeka .O. Ojukwu advocated solution during the famous Aburi accord meeting that  
Chukwuemeka Ojukwu

‘’It is better that we move slightly apart and survive, it is much worse that we move closer and perish in the resultant collision’’

Many of these other groups fighting for Biafra are used for "deals-cutting". They are simply double dealing characters. Its either they were formed for the right reasons but got bought over along the line or simply formed to service the interest of the government which is to make your genuine struggle seem like a charade before the world.
Some of them claim to be Biafrans during the day but work for Nigeria at night. Other are simply paid merchants of the government. 

The government is only using them to infiltrate your ranks.
You genuine agitators must BE CAREFUL of those that promised you that they will get you Biafra through the judicial process; they are only using your struggle for JUDICIAL EXPERIMENT aimed at self-aggrandizement of the “aristocratic solicitor and his fellow charlatans of the customary supreme elders of your nation" . 
How some of you managed to get convinced or deceived by them is what I can’t fathom. No Nation has ever gotten freedom via judicial process. It has not happened before and can’t happen now.
The march to freedom is basically a military or Political struggle.  How someone that calls himself a lawyer be proudly mouthing that he can actualize Biafra through Nigeria court using the country’s constitution is it not nothing but madness?

Such can only come from someone who is deluded. And it’s evident in Nigeria where the government doesn’t obey or decides the court judgments to obey? 
And some of you take him and his group serious?  The fact that some of you believe in that ‘quip’ is actually confirmations that it is not all Biafrans that are intelligent as you will want us believe.
Do not be deceived, why we don’t go against them in our crackdown is because we don’t consider them a threat to this country’s unity and most importantly because they take orders from the government. They are highly cooperative! (I believe you know what that means). They are equally very obedient! Unfortunately obedience to the commands and dictates of the oppressors is not freedom fighting. Anybody who is not ready to disobey the status quo of his oppressors has no business with freedom fighting.

We endorse the method these people have adopted in their fight because it’s perfectly suited to what the government wants: Going around in circles, whiling away time in the court(s), whilst giving people the impression that freedom is being fought and then pocketing government fallen crumbs in the process.
Why should we take people who are simply one of us via actions and deeds as a threat?  Even the great South African freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela once said that
Nelson Mandela

‘’No self-respecting freedom fighter would take orders from a government he is fighting against or jettison a long time ally in the interest of pleasing an antagonist’’... Mandela

Be careful of Nigerian card carrying Politicians that will soon start joining your folds. They are billed to start fronting to be fighting with you for same goal. 
However, they have been briefed by the government on what to do. They will appear harmless and will offer you suggestions that will seem intelligent and sophisticated. Such are simply government framed suggestions aimed at railing into a created block walls.
They will advise you to form political party/parties within Nigeria, that your well coordinated street protests which is what the government dreads most about your struggle won’t ensure you freedom.
Don’t even listen to them; continue to hit the streets with your peaceful protests because the key to freedom has its beginning and end in the streets, only its perfection is done in the negotiation table.
The street is where the visibility to a common goal is achievable in fighting against the status quo.

In reality this move is aimed at introducing “everything Nigeria’’ into your struggle. Some are already within ranks.  They were paid to saturate your ranks. They were planted to pollute your agitation.
In fact, your Biafra and what happens in Nigeria will become "Siamese twins of evils" if you oblige them. 
If I were you I will sideline and weed them out. Beware of your so called elders of Biafra that keeps asking and demanding that you come under the authority of their self-serving, self instituted customary government and yet can’t condemn the murder of their peaceful protesting youths.

Was the so called deputy of the elders not amongst the first to pay homage to President Muhammadu Buhari on his election?
Is it not the same President that have vowed that he will rather drown with his kinsmen than to allow Biafra freedom?
Have these elders written to the President to object to that statement if truly they are objectively fighting? The truth is that any freedom fighter that is in the good books of his oppressors have missed the mark and lost the calling.
The reality is that in freedom fighting you don’t aim to please your enemies.
These your elders are simply pleasers of the government they claim to be fighting. 
They are currently in the good books of the government.
I must confess that I sometimes laugh at some actions exhibited by some Biafrans.
I laugh that the elders that have never condemned the government for murdering their peacefully protesting youths and yet on daily basis cajole same youths to come under their authority. Your elders are complacent in your killings.
It’s Martin Luther that said:
Martin Luther Jr

“He who passively accepts evils is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting it is really co-operating with it’’....Luther jr

The greatest obstacle that you Biafrans have to achieving your nation is people from amongst you that have made themselves WILLING TOOLS.
These wiling tools have been paid to attempt to create leadership crisis within your struggle. The goal is to create doubt amongst world leader about those that are truly championing the struggle and to equally create the impression that you Biafrans are incapable of leading and ruling yourselves.
Different personalities have been lined up to speak to a particular media house on this, if they have not already started speaking.

Methods adopted may differ, questions asked may vary, personalities to be interviewed may not come your anticipated hierarchy, but one thing is certain, they will all attempt to cast doubt on who the leader of your struggle truly is.
You must not allow them to succeed because you are too close to victory now or else you continue to delay your victory song.
The deniable truth is that you Biafrans are just few steps away from your dreamed nation, even we that are paid to stop you are very much aware. How can we not be aware?
When we have arrested Nnamdi Kanu and yet cannot stop your radio broadcasts or agitations. We are currently confused! I believe that even the blind can see it and the deaf can hear it as well. If we were in your shoes, we will just double our efforts and prepare well and hit the government and all our accusers with the KILLER PUNCHES and the rest will be history.

Source: Biafra Writers

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