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Monday, May 30, 2016

A poem for Biafran fallen Heroes

Time has come when every tear in Biafra land
must be shed;

O eyes, weep until your color is red;
Weep, O tearful eyes, for our fallen heroes
or would you rather seek for relief,
when the whole body quakes in grief?

A brave heart falls like a leaf;
Lo, the leaf where it lies;
where it falls, there it dies;
let the explosives of our heart blow;
let the fountain of all our tears overflow;
let sorrow soar, let grief grow;

Let the holy brotherhood of the brethren
Pour their tears like stricken children;
With heads bowed and faces forlorn,
With heavy heart, we mourn our fallen heroes.
We wear the mask of misery and mourn,
In the fond memory of the difficult race they ran,
For the many battles they fought
And the illusive peace they diligently sought.

In this jungle of our wild existence,
In the pool of biafran blood, through bitter
They roared and raged, as warriors of conscience
Men of steel; Men of iron,
Now they are quiet, now they are still;
Their mammoth shoes no man can fill;
When no tongue could talk, they roared;
When no leg could walk, they soared.

We pray that the frozen fear that melted
In their presence
Would vapourize in their absence;
That our tears would flow and fill their grave
To rise more sharks as bold and brave as they
Our heroes dared leviathan in his lair,
In the quest for what is just and what is fair,
You endured sorrow
In the hope of a better tomorrow,
You fought a good fight
And dared the terror by night;
You did not sway
From the arrows that flies by day.

O captain of the Biafran Armada, Ikemba
our might seer,
do you now dock this fleet for the storms
to steer?
Do you dock for the winds to blow them
Shall we be harbored in a haunted bay?
Nonetheless, still we stand in humble salute,
as we render this token of tribute;
Our feet, ever strong, will neither sink
Nor shall our eyes, ever sharp, blink.
Till we have paid our last respect in mournful ink,
Comforted by the fact that your good works
Shall never die.

Our heroes, as you have embarked
On this eternal journey to spirithood, we cry;
Nothing is left of our tears except eyes that
Are dry;
And we swear, to keep the biafran flag
Flying, and to accomplish the task you have started.

All Hail Biafra!!

Written by: Ikenna George Ikenna

Editted by: RCB writers

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