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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Peril of Bowing to Evil

Why Bow To Evil?
Having stayed on earth for decades, I came to realize a foully and why many people limit their life’s on earth, and leave with unaccomplished destinies. 

Have you ever wondered what life would be without the relevance of God Almighty?

Have you ever wondered why we can’t do without God, even though some of us sheepishly deceive ourselves in our hearts proclaiming “there is no God”.
Even as a scientist, something’s that happen in life, throws us off-balance and proves scientific findings and Mans knowledge to be Shaky and Unreliable. This goes a long way to prove that there is God.

Even when the medics said firmly, she will never conceive, but today she has twins.
Even when some people concluded that he would never make it, but unfortunately right before their eyes he made it.
And then we ask ourselves a daunting question, how is this possible? And then we could also not forget the miserable days of our lives, when it seems all hope is lost, but does it mean we lack faith in the omnipotence of God?

Just then you see people running round the clock like headless chickens, running ahead of destiny! Trying to fast-forward the future to the present prematurely, with the wrong remote and eventually becoming what they are not destined to be. And when calamity befalls them, they first blame God for allowing it to happen and then curse the devil for making it happen.
Who is really to blame, God or the devil? I don’t think any of them is to blame, If not ourselves are solely to blame for our actions and inactions. For we alone have our freedom of choice and acceptance to do what we believe is good and evil.
We all know that God is the accelerator of Good and the devil, the propagator of evil. 

He who fears God would never align with the devil and he who loves evil will always seek the devil even into the Mariana trench, the deepest part of the oceans and locations on earth.

People should do what’s right; they should do that which will also appear right, if done to them too. Tomorrow people will still do evil, just like the Israelites turned their backs to worship a golden calf (idol) even after God delivered them miraculously from the hands of the Egyptians (Captive of the Mighty).
God will never want us to bow down to evil in order to get to him. People with different opinions must know that there is no glimpse of God in the devils house. And a sinner would never go unpunished even though hands join in hands.

Do not follow evil lovers, but live a pure and descent life as a Christian. And when they say;
a) The power lies in there
b) That is the final answer
c) He sees the future in this place
d) Your wealth is hidden there
e) Lets worship it

Just examine what has been said and ask yourself “in the sight of God will he approve of this?” is evil really the final answer? Even when you know that only God has the final say (even Jesus Christ was tempted by the devil and we are no exemption)

Do not forget that the devils gift is never eternal, it lasts for a moment and then it vanishes just like a dream, taking your life with it as interest. Just like the bank that lends a loan. Be careful and watchful!

Do not worship your fellow man, idol, juju, material things, a mermaid or anything man-made.
Do not bow down to them for there is no power in them. They flash a glimpse of an enjoyable life but one pays the ultimate price. We should be hopeful for the gift of God which is soothing, invigorating and eternal.
Do not bow down to evil for it will never give the truth nor give a peaceful life – but if you keep worshipping evil, then you have failed your earthly assignment and have no place in Gods kingdom.

Written by:
Muoka Chibuzor
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