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Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Basic Teachings of Radio Biafra

What you learn on Radio Biafra


Every Biafran who dials up to Radio Biafra, must imbibe new Information’s on daily bases.
Especially the new listeners who might be wondering what goes on in this radio Biafra platform.
To call Radio Biafra the number is =+447405964146

Below are the most predominant teachings of Radio Biafra.

1) NIGERIA IS A ZOO: On Radio Biafra the word Zoo is synonymous to Nigeria. So you can either say “the zoo people” in place of Nigerians. Nigeria earned the name zoo due to the uncivilized way of doing things (a lawless state), incessant killings, terrorism, corrupt practices, undue marginalization of the biafrans from the affairs of the government and the total control of the economy by rogue elements. All happening in the contraption of a forceful marriage.

2) YOU ARE NOT A NIGERIAN: The major aim of Radio Biafra is to eradicate the Nigerian black man mentality still in the heads of many biafrans, who think that Nigeria will one day metamorphose to be a safe heaven for them. And replace it with the Biafran code of conduct of which must be acknowledged. You must acknowledge that you are a Biafran and not a Nigerian (a country named by the girlfriend of a British man - lord lugard).

3) CHUKWUOKIKEABIAMA: On Radio Biafra, Chukwu-okike-abiama (God the creator of all and overall) is worshipped, of which you would be introduced to him, if you don’t know him before. And Chukwu-okike-abiama presides over all the activities of the Biafran Nation. You have to believe in him and leave every other god we have awashed ourselves with, if progress is to be achieved and Biafra actualized. Chukwu-okike-abiama presides over our day to day activities, and do not forget to keep the Sabbath day holy.

4) The Divide and Rule Mystery: On Radio Biafra the divide and rule agenda in Nigeria is demystified. It’s seen as the evil perpetrated by the Nigerian government on the southerners from the day of the amalgamation of the north and south in 1914 till date. The Nigerian government broke down the south so that they can no longer speak as one, but instead they speak as fragments. Especially the south-easterners who were separated from their brothers the south-south by the government so as to be able to exploit them. But the Hausas and Fulani under Arewa, speak as one which is the North.

5) BIAFRA IS A SPIRIT: Radio Biafra enlightens every listener that Biafra is a spirit and is also an Ideology and thus can’t be quenched or stopped by any man born of woman. So it was the joke of the century, when Olusegun Obasanjo said that Biafra is dead and gone, and should be forgotten. But a spirit cannot die and an ideology cannot be eradicated. Even in thousands of years to come, Biafra is undeletable from the sands of time (history).

6) BE FORMIDABLE, BE RESOLUTE: Every hardcore Biafran must be extremely impressive in strength (formidable) and firm in purpose and belief (resolute) that Biafra must be actualized. And the director Maazi Nnamdi kanu has shown an exemplary leadership by refusing to compromise on the Biafran restoration project. So many people have given their life in this quest and so, saboteurs are not to be seen around the Biafran people. A saboteur of the biafrans is a slave of the Almajiri cohorts.

7) FREEDOM: On Radio Biafra you would be told that any man who has no freedom in life is worst than a dead man, because freedom is life (true fact). Nigeria is a zoological republic and a contraption that deprives the animals that inhabits it the basic freedom they deserve. In the zoo anything happens including the deprivation of right to life, expression, demonstration, survival etc. Nigerians cannot say anything when they are punished unjustly, for there is no incorruptible judge to save the common man. People are incarcerated in the zoo prisons for no just cause and are denied the right to fair hearing and justice.

8) BIAFRA OR DEATH: On Radio Biafra, you will learn that if it’s not Biafra then you are worst than a dead man and that’s a fact. It’s only the united states of Biafra that will emancipate us the biafrans from being a second class citizen in our fathers land. Its either Biafra or death, no negotiations, no considerations. One thing Mazi Kanu told us the biafrans is that, they will kill us and we kill them but at the end we will win. Mazi Kanu also made it known that the zoo must fall and from its ashes shall the land of the rising sun emerge. (Biafra must be free)

9) THE TRUTH: “I WILL DESTROY NIGERIA (ZOO) WITH THE TRUTH” – was a popular saying by the Radio Biafra director. And every hardcore biafran must imbibe the truth mantra. On radio Biafra you would learn that the Nigerians (People of the zoo) hate the truth. Truth is what sets Nigeria ablaze every hour. All the prophesies of Mazi Kanu is coming to fulfillment and the biafran people are not expected to be people speaking from both sides of the mouth. And that is the foundation of the current biafran struggle. For only the truth will set us free.

10) JEWS OF AFRICA: The Biafrans are the Israelites of Africa. On the radio Biafra platform, you would be enlightened on how biafrans and the Israelites, observe similar traditional practices. Right from circumcision to traditional marriage rites etc. The perseverance and industrious nature of the Biafrans is synonymous to that of the Israelites. And on the radio Biafra platform your eyes shall be opened to know the descendants of whom you are.

11) BROTHERHOOD: On Radio Biafra you would be made to understand that all the south-east and south-south are brothers. The igbo, ijaw, igala, Ibibio, itsekiri, idoma, igbanke etc. are all one people from one father chukwuokikeabiama. And united in brotherhood we stand as one great Biafra.

12) LAGOS – IBADAN EXPRESS WAY JOURNALISTS: You must be weary about them, the Nigerian journalists concort all sorts of news against then biafrans in favour of buhari. Most reputable tv and radio stations, including websites have been bribed that they see white and call it black. They refuse to give out the real news to the public. The Nigerian media lies to peoples but on radio Biafra you will be enlightened on how to decipher the truth from the lies you have been told (isn’t it amazing).

13) Be a good News Analyst: On Radio Biafra, Biafrans are taught to be great news listeners and Analysts. The happenings of the day is dissected and the truth which is usually hidden by the Lagos – Ibadan expressway journalists are unearthed and brought to the limelight for everybody to see and then take necessary precautions as soon as possible. When the Nigerian news says 10 people were killed, in reality about 35 citizens minimum has been killed.

14) HISTORY OF BIAFRA: On Radio Biafra, the total history of biafrans is made available to mankind; you will listen to life tapes and hear from seasoned biafran Historians. Every 30th of May is Biafra's Anniversary.

15) JOIN THE IPOB FAMILY: On radio Biafra, everyone who is a hardcore biafran is enjoined to join the “Indigenous people of Biafra” which is a platform that oversees the actual restoration of Biafra. You are adviced to look for IPOB families residing where you live and join them. By doing so you would never be left behind in the biafran restoration project.

16) BIAFRANS OF THE 21ST CENTURY: On radio Biafra, you will be enlightened on why this current biafran struggle is different from that of the 1960’s. today we biafrans have acquired extra – magnificent knowledge which supersedes the little we exhibited during the civil war. Today is not yesterday and so the biafrans of the 21st century is abreast with craftiness and unparallel advancement in technology.


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