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Monday, April 25, 2016




It is now an open secret that Muhammadu Buhari has given the go-ahead to Fulani herdsmen to massacre Christians in large numbers at will and with fun.
It is no longer news that DSS is now the mouthpiece of the Hausa-Fulanis.
It has floored the public domain that Fulani herdsmen are more equipped arms-wise by God knows who for God knows what even more than the military. It would be shocking to hear anybody in this country claim that he or she dose not know that, the Hausa-Fulanis would soon be officially declared first class citizens who can own land any part of the country through the proposed grazing bill.
It would amount to pretence or act of cowardice for anyone to claim not have knowledge of the one sided war going on in the country.

But what disturbs me day and night is the fact that my people (South-South) are neither here nor there. We believe that Hausa-Fulanis are treating us badly but paradoxically we still think that uniting with our Igbo siblings in the East is not an option. Isn't that ludicrous and preposterous? We believe that both old and recent history have proven that the Yorubas and Middle Belters don't have our interest at heart, still we don't consider self determination as an option. Isn't this clear state of obtundation mixed with acute confusional state?

At least Igbos have identified where their problems are coming from and they have resolutely resolved to secede. Whether you think they are wrong or right, the most important thing is that, that is their stand at the moment.
The Yorubas have decided to keep betraying their Southern siblings in a passionate bid to remain slaves to the Hausa-Fulanis. Whether you think that they are wrong or right, at least that is their well calculated stand.
The Middle Belters have resolved to be a willing tool in the hands of the Hausa-Fulanis in spite of what they have suffered in the hands of the same Hausa-Fulanis. Whether you think that they are right or wrong, it is somehow justifiable because that is their stand.
But we in South-South, we believe that nobody is our friend and everybody is our enemy, yet we keep deluding ourselves over the One Nigeria that doesn't even exist in the hearts of the proponents of the fraudulent phrase.

I am sorry to say that we are myopic, we think because we harbor the oil we have arrived but we don't know that we don't have anything. Rivers State being the most economically viable state in the region can't even boast of ten bank branch managers out of the hundreds of bank branches spread across the state. Yes we are host of the oil multinationals,but the Nigerian hierarchy of these companies are not from the South-South extraction. I remember immediately after my youth service, I applied for a Job at CAT in Trans Amadi, the industrial district of Port Harcourt, and I was told that they do their employments and appointments from Lagos and not Port Harcourt, I was shocked.
It is that bad but my people still think that our siblings in the East are calling for unity because of our resources that they also have. It is laughable that we have subjected ourselves to Self-Inflicted delusion.

I personally feel that is totally wrong to label the entire South-South Igbos, but the fact I cannot dispute is that, there are so many Igbo tribes in the South-South, especially in Rivers and Delta States. Right from 1999 till date, we have had four governors in Rivers State and they are all from Igbo tribes of Rivers State, but if you see a man from any of these Igbo tribes in Rivers State whose name is a typical Igbo name and his village is named understandably in Igbo language, then you label him an Igbo man, he would be so furious like you called him a thief. And that is where our problem lies. They made us to believe that, Hausas can be found beyond the core North, and Yorubas can be found beyond the South-West, but Igbos cannot be found anywhere except in the South-East and we stupidly bought the lie aimed at dividing us.

All I am trying to say is that, the earlier we embrace our siblings in East the better for us.
All I am to say is that, we should take a decisive step toward uniting with Igbos to secede whether as Niger Delta Republic, Biafra or Lower Niger.
All I am trying to say is that, it is high time we woke up from our slumber and face the reality that there is nothing like One Nigeria because, the disintegration of this country is imminent and inevitable.
Written by:
Anyaegbusim Ogechi

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