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Saturday, January 09, 2016

Akpors and the RAM

Chronicles of Akpors

BossBoss: Akpors where are you?

: Sir am combing my Hair..

BossBoss: Please leave what you are doin and come here.

: Okay sir!!

BossBoss: Take this #150,000, go to computer village and buy me a quality laptop with a big RAM

Akpors: Okay sir!

Akpors didn’t return after two days, so his boss decided to reach him on phone.

BossBoss: Hello, Akpors, what kept
you long?

Akpors: The Ram

BossBoss: The RAM? How do you mean? Where are you now?

Akpors: I’m on my way back from Kano sir.

BossBoss: Kano?

Akpors: Yes Kano. I bought the Laptop at Ikeja but I traveled to Kano to buy the big Ram.

BossBoss: Oh my God!

Akpors(got angry): Oh my wetin? Oga, no tear eye for me o. I besmall pickin? No be Laptop and big ram you send me?

Haha Akpors never knew he was asked to purchase a laptop with a big RAM, instead he went and bought a Ram from Kano....
A Ram is an uncastrated sheep.
The RAM is the most common computer memory which can be used by programs to perform necessary tasks while the computer is on.


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