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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Answers for Section A JAMB BIOLOGY 1999

Section A(1 - 10)

Section A
1. Cysticercus is the encysted embryo of tape worm of pig, it remains in the muscle of pig until it gets back to the primary host (man) – B

2. Hydrostatic skeleton is found in soft bodied animals like earthworm. It is a combined effect of body fluid pressure and muscle contraction to maintain the shape and form of the animal. It gives support, protection and movement – D

3. Birds and Reptiles lay their eggs on land and these eggs have tough shell to prevent desiccation. The body of birds are covered with feathers while the legs are covered with scales – A

4. The group Arachinda has no antenna, instead they have a pair of grasping claws called pedipalpi, which like the antenna is sensitive to touch – C

5. The nucleus is the fundamental and constant component of the cell – C

6. The liver is an Organ and is composed of various tissues that work together to perform specific functions. The tissues includes: epithelial cells, gall bladder, bile duct and liver cells (hepatocytes). The liver cells convert dead and ageing red blood cells to bile. The gall bladder stores bile. The bile duct conducts the bile down to the duodenum. - B

7. The structure labeled II is the antenna and it is sensitive to touch, smell and vibrations. Its mostly used for feeling - B

8. The structure labeled III is the labium (lower lip) modified to form a proboscis which is expanded at the tip into 2 pads called labella used for taking in liquid food. – B

9. Bilateral symmetry is the division of a body into two equal halves along a longitudinal plane. – A

10. Spirogyra cells exist independent of each other, carrying out their own life processes which includes: nutrition, reproduction, growth etc. – D

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