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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Answers for Section D JAMB BIOLOGY 1999

Section D(31 - 40)

Section D
31. The pancreas secretes pancreatic juice which contains digestive enzymes namely trypsin, amylopsin and lipases. The pancreas has a group of cells called the Islets of langerhans which secrete two hormones called Insulin and glucagon for regulating glucose level in the blood. - B

32. Chitin is a protein carbohydrate compound secreted by the underlying epidermis. It is hardened with the deposition of calcium salts in Arachinda, Crustacea, Insecta - A

33. This is Hinge joint joint found at the elbow in which the trochlea of the humerus fits into the sigmoid notch found on the radius and ulna. – B

34. The radius is shorter and lies on top of the ulna forming the bonds of the lower arm. – D

35. The dam serves as a habitat for the breeding of anopheles mosquitoes and Simulium (black fly) which transmits plasmodium and Onchocerca which is the cause of malaria and Onchocherciasis respectively. Bilharziasis is contracted when a healthy person drinks or baths with fresh water contaminated with cercariae regarded as the infective stage of the worm. – D

36. The zooplanktons e.g., paramecia are microscopic animals found floating on water surface and feeding on the photoplanktons e.g., bacteria – B

37. Vaccination is the introduction of killed or weakened form of the microorganisms that causes a particular disease in the body of a healthy person to stimulate the production of antibodies. The antibodies provide immunity against possible outbreak of the disease. – D

38. Laterite is a red soil formed as a result of leaching. It is mainly composed of iron and aluminium compounds. – C

39. Commensalism is an association, were the host is not affected by the actions of the parasite. E.g., is the association between the shark and the remora fish. The fish is found attached to the body of the shark. As the shark moves, it gets free transport and also feeds on the debris of the shark. The shark does not gain and is not harmed by such an association. - B

40. Moth, Grasshopper and Herbivorous bugs, feed only on plants which are the primary producers. - C

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