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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Answers for Section C JAMB BIOLOGY 1999

Section C(21 - 30)

Section C
21. Deficiency of Magnesium, Nitrogen and Iron causes the yellowing of leaves because they are the mineral elements responsible for the formation of chlorophyll - D

22. The lymph is transported in the lymphatic vessels and after bathing the tissues and organs, supplying them with digested food and oxygen; it carries metabolic wastes from them and empties these wastes into the blood stream at the subclavian and jugular veins. - B

23. The opening of the rib cage exposes the lungs and the heart – B

24. The upper part of the Oviduct is where the ova is located and that is where fertilization takes place – D

25. During the sucking of nectar, the insects unconsciously deposit pollen grains on the stigmas thereby pollinating them. – A

26. Hypocotyl is the part of the embryo below the cotyledons. In germinating seeds, the curved hypocotyl strengthens up and carries the cotyledon above the ground. – A

27. Binary fission is common in the unicellular organisims like bacteria. The parent organism e.g, bacterium divides mitotically into two halves and each half develops into a new bacterium. – C

28. The chemicals in the substances in our environment diffuse into the air. When air containing these chemicals is inhaled, they (chemicals) dissolve in the watery fluid or mucus lining the nasal passages and stimulate the sensory cells of the nostrils. Impulses are sent to the Olfactory lobes through the olfactory nerves. – D

29. The part labeled III is the subcutaneous layer used for the storage of fats. The fats insulate the body against cold. – B

30. The structure labeled II is the sweat gland from which the skin excretes various substances. – A

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