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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Answers for Section B JAMB BIOLOGY 1999

Section B(11 - 20)

Section B
11. In water, amphibians breath with gills while on land they breath with lungs – A

12. Chloroplasts are cytoplasmic organelles – D

13. Lenticles are air pores found in the bark of stems and roots of plants. These lenticles are formed when plants undergo secondary thickening – C

14. Sieve tube is composed of several sieve cells arranged end to end with perforated crosswalls to form a continous tube. Through the tube, the food synthesized in the leaves is conducted downwards to other parts of the plant. – C

15. The hepatic portal vein is the vein that carries blood containing digested food like glucose and amino acids from the ileum to the liver. This is to enable the liver regulate the amount of glucose and amino acids by converting excess of glucose to glycogen and that of amino acids to fatty acids and glycerol. – C

16. The dark reaction of photosynthesis is the reduction of carbon (IV) oxide using Hydrogen atoms and chemical energy in the form of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) generated during the light reaction. – C

17. At high altitudes Mammals increase the manufacture of Red blood cells (Erythrocytes), to enable them absorb enough oxygen from the little available in the air at High altitudes. – C

18. Nitrobacter involves in Chemosythetic processes which includes the Oxidation of nitrite to nitrate. Ascaris is an Endo-parasite in mammals while Homosapiens feeds on solid food materials (Holozoic) – B

19. Carrot and Palm oil contains carotene, used by the body to make photosensitive visual pigment known as Rhodopsin. The light sensitive cells of the retina called Rods contain Rhodopsin which enables human see in dim light. – B

20. The force of Cohesion holds the water molecules together without breaking, while the force of adhesion is the attractive force that exists between the molecules of water and xylem vessels. – C

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